At this time, I don’t want to say what we are working on. It is indeed a game, and it’s one that Sierra fans will love.

The project grew out of my being curious about the Unity technology and wondering how hard it would be to learn. I was impressed with what I found, and decided I’d code a game to help young kids learn to program. But Roberta wasn’t excited about that idea and instead talked me and into doing something that more people would enjoy.

We should be ready to say more about what we’re working on in a few weeks (July or August). In the meantime I just want to be head-down focused on development.

Our goal is November, but that may not be realistic. We’re pushing hard though.

The quick answer is “You can’t.” As of today, there is no game to buy or even see. That said, we are working hard!

If you check back to this site periodically, or more importantly if you REGISTER,  we’ll keep you informed about the game as we make progress.

I don’t know. Certainly Mac and Windows. I hope eventually it will be on most platforms and in most languages. A lot will depend on how people like it.

Unfortunately for right now you can’t. Roberta and I are working from our boat which is anchored somewhere offshore. Late in 2021, when the game is released,  we’ll probably find some way to send out autographs.  For now — sorry!

Sure! It’s a 3d adventure game.

We already have over 100 beta testers signed up and will probably only use 10-20 total.

My guess is we’ll start beta testing in September or October. I’m not sure how we’ll decide who to select as beta testers. If you’d like to apply, register by clicking this link:


Probably not. We will need help with foreign translation and porting to other platforms, but the box art, voices and music are already handled.

I have said that I do not think a small team can produce a product that is competitive in today’s world. I still believe that. The major studios have nothing to fear from this game. It’s an incredible accomplishment for a small team, and those who play it will find much to love. But, I am not kidding myself that this will sell millions of copies. That said, I do think traditional Sierra fans will be very happy. Ultimately, games are judged by whether or not they are fun to play. Judged by that standard, I have no doubt we have a winner.

So far, her involvement has been important, but minimal. She was the original inspiration for the game, and has been consulted almost daily. But, in terms of hours spent in front of a computer it is 99% Marcus and myself. We’ve been filling all spare time 7 days a week. Roberta will get more and more involved as we get closer.
The whole game is there, but with scratch graphics. That’s one reason for no screen shots. We wanted to rough out the whole game and then make a second (and, third and fourth) pass to replace the placeholder graphics and animation and start polishing things. If you saw the game today I doubt you’d be impressed. You would need a LOT of imagination. That’s how we planned it and that’s how it is.
I have no idea. Marcus (my partner in this effort) is in this for the long haul. He’s young and has the ambition and talent to do something great. Whereas, I am happily retired and more excited about having an excuse to create and write code than I am about building a company. I do think people will like this game and that it will be the start of something. But, what that is, and whether Roberta and I will hang in there, or if this was just a fun one-off I do not know. At this point I don’t want to think much beyond solving bugs and polishing the game. All of that said, I do have more ideas for things to do and have surprised myself (and, hopefully you) by what we have accomplished. I would have thought it impossible to do what we have done, but with a good set of tools and a lot of focus and hard work, big things appear to be possible. I can’t imagine ever not waking up and going to my computer. So, we shall see!

No. Ken is funding this out of his own pocket. That said, he is spending very little money. It’s a small team with only one member taking a (modest) paycheck. Ken thought about Kickstarter but didn’t want all the pressure of having people put money into the game and then feeling the pressure of trying to justify everyone’s investment. 

The current plan is to “self publish” the English Windows, Mac and VR (Oculus) versions of the game. 

At this point I (Ken) am not thinking beyond the initial desktop and VR versions. When the game gets closer to release and we have something to show I’ll start talking to publishers about the derivative versions of the game. I am biased, but the game is looking amazing. My guess is that we’ll have zero problem finding publishers who are excited about releasing the game on other platforms and in other languages. We’re trying to do all we can now to make sure the alternate versions will be relatively easy to produce when the time comes..