Hall of Fame!

Roberta wins a Hall of Fame award! The Consumer Technology Association had an awards event in New York last night and gave Roberta a Hall of Fame award. Congratulations to Roberta!  A quick update on the game I started the project with the idea that it would be something fun I could do alone. My […]

Engineer Wanted

I am looking for a junior level Unity software engineer. First the bad news:  It’s a contract position with poor hourly pay, and no benefits. I haven’t raised any money for the project and don’t plan to. I have no budget for the project and am trying to avoid writing checks. This is an entry level […]

No game yet, but we have a T-Shirt

Marcus, who is working with me on the game, is attending a Vintage Computer fair on the east coast this weekend. He quickly had some T-Shirts printed to show off our new logo and to use as hand-outs at the show. I like them!  Meanwhile .. we hit a big milestone this week. Or, at […]

A visit to Oakhurst, where it all started

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Oakhurst, Ca), there lived a young couple who made a computer game called Mystery House.  The game sold SO WELL that the phone started ringing off the hook with calls from all over the world. That was the good news. The bad news was that […]

Roberta experimenting with VR

Roberta Williams, trying the VR version of the game I am doing the coding on the desktop version of the game. Meanwhile, Cidney Hamilton, a software engineer who worked with some other Sierra alumni, Lori and Corey Cole, has been working on adapting the code to run on the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Converting […]

Oculus Version Now In Development

Ken Williams trying out the VR version We are now planning VR support! We added one new member to the team (Cidney Hamilton) who is solely focused on supporting Oculus Quest II and Rift.  Development is going slower than I hoped, but faster than I thought was realistically possible. I remember when I first started […]


SIERRA ON-LINE’S KEN AND ROBERTA WILLIAMS TO RELEASE NEW GAME IN 2021. Ken and Roberta Williams, two legendary developers in the history of gaming, are set to release a new video game that the creators say will be “Sierra flavored,” in the same Vein as early successful franchises like Kings Quest and the Leisure Suit Larry series, but for modern gamers.