And So It Begins

This weekend we had our first-ever interview about the new game. The gentleman in the center of the picture above used to work at Roberta’s and my company Sierra On-Line.  Since that time, he has gone on to great success creating “Meta Jesus Rocks,” his own highly successful YouTube channel: Our big product announcement […]


March 6, 2022 Our team continues to expand. We now have 15 people working on the game!  There’s a side of me that really didn’t want that. The original vision for the game was that I’d do 100% of everything myself. I wanted it to be a nice, small, simple project that would be something […]

A Peek Behind The Scenes

We are now almost a year into development on the game. Each week I meet with the team to discuss where we are at and to strategize the week ahead.  At this last week’s meeting I sent out some thoughts on beta testing. Below is an excerpt from last week’s meeting agenda, only slightly edited […]

Big Fish Getting Bigger

I’ve received a LOT of email, social media contacts, texts, and more over the last two days asking about the just-announced Microsoft acquisition of Activision. For those who may not be aware, Sierra (Roberta’s and my company) was acquired by a company named CUC, that was acquired by a company called HFS, who sold Sierra […]

Zooming Up A New Engineer

Today was a rough day on the project. My problems started a few days ago when a newly hired engineer left the project. He had spun up to speed quickly and I had great plans for how to use him. But, a replacement would need to be found. WORKING HARD TO MEET A SELF-IMPOSED DEADLINE […]

Hall of Fame!

Roberta wins a Hall of Fame award! The Consumer Technology Association had an awards event in New York last night and gave Roberta a Hall of Fame award. Congratulations to Roberta!  A quick update on the game I started the project with the idea that it would be something fun I could do alone. My […]

Engineer Wanted

I am looking for a junior level Unity software engineer. First the bad news:  It’s a contract position with poor hourly pay, and no benefits. I haven’t raised any money for the project and don’t plan to. I have no budget for the project and am trying to avoid writing checks. This is an entry level […]

No game yet, but we have a T-Shirt

Marcus, who is working with me on the game, is attending a Vintage Computer fair on the east coast this weekend. He quickly had some T-Shirts printed to show off our new logo and to use as hand-outs at the show. I like them!  Meanwhile .. we hit a big milestone this week. Or, at […]

A visit to Oakhurst, where it all started

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Oakhurst, Ca), there lived a young couple who made a computer game called Mystery House.  The game sold SO WELL that the phone started ringing off the hook with calls from all over the world. That was the good news. The bad news was that […]

Roberta experimenting with VR

Roberta Williams, trying the VR version of the game I am doing the coding on the desktop version of the game. Meanwhile, Cidney Hamilton, a software engineer who worked with some other Sierra alumni, Lori and Corey Cole, has been working on adapting the code to run on the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Converting […]