Retro Tea Break Interview with Ken and Marcus

I always hate watching myself in interviews. The interviewer was good though and managed to make it interesting… I hope everyone will enjoy it. 

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    1. Nothing is firm at this time, so no promises. That said, our current plan is for a “big box’ release, plus a downloadable version.

  1. Hi

    I was wondering who now finally convinced you to make the game?
    Was it Roberta with her game idea or was it Marcus who convinced you with his art skills?
    Or did you personally wanted to make a game for another specific reason if both people above didn’t influence you at all?

    Thx in advance!

    1. I had already started on making a game before Marcus or Roberta were involved. I started playing with Unity (a game engine) just out of boredom, and then decided I liked it and was having fun coding. My first thought was to do a kids game teaching kids to program, and I kind of started down that path. I always loved our Dr. Brain series and wanted to do something similar. Looking into the future, I’m not sure what happens to factory jobs. Kids really should be developing a solid understanding of computers if they want to prosper in tomorrow’s world.

      Anyway, Roberta thought it was a dumb idea and suggested something that sounded really good, so I went for it. I was happily coding alone, doing “programmer art” when Marcus asked if I wanted help. He caught me at just the right time, when I was struggling with creating the art I need.

      I thought it was a small enough project I could do it alone .. but .. nope. I’m happy to have the help! Without Marcus I almost certainly would have given up by now.

      -Ken W

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